SCCM 2012 Dell Warranty Information with Command Integration Suite

After Upgrading from Dell Client Integration Pack back in October 2014, I did not realize that my new machine were not coming into the database until recently and have now found out that Dell Removed this feature with the latest release of Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center 4.0 (In case you need the documentation on how to setup Dell Warranty here is that documentation).  So after investingeting this I came to a work around to keep my current Dell Reports working along with my Custom Warranty Reports working I kept the data structure exactly the same.  So I took information from this Blog and tweaked it to match the old data table structure as such:

Now in our environment the Primary Site Server (Where Dell Warranty tool is installed is separate from the SQL Server; therefore I also had to install Microsoft® Windows PowerShell Extensions for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 (PowerShellTools.msi) so that I could run the Invoke-Sqlcmd as part of the above script.

After testing this script and all was successful I then setup a scheduled task to run at 3:00 AM everyday.  Here is how to schedule this script to run on Server 2012 R2:




Hopefully this helps someone else down the road!