SCCM – Error After Applying Device Drivers on new Dell Models

After beating my head against the wall for 2 days on imaging a new Dell Latitude E6440.  I was receiving this error after drivers applied on Dell Latitude E6440 and was getting stuck in a repeat reboot.

SCCM Device Driver Error

SCCM Device Driver Error

I even posted a TechNet question for this issue because I was running out of ideas to try:

TechNet Link

I tried the steps that were recommended and neither resolved my issue… I built and recaptured a .WIM file a couple of times and even repacked the drivers to see what was going on…  FINALLY I searched google in a different way and stumbled across these 2 blog post which pointed me in the right direction and the issue has been resolved.

Reference Blog Post:


Deployment Ramblings

If you are here because you are having this same issue here is the download for the Kernel-Mode Driver Framework version 1.11.  Link and then follow the steps on SCCMFAQ